Increase continuity at your school

Three tips on how to increase continuity and get the same candidate back to your school or nursery.

Request one or more specific candidates
In the platform it is easy to request your liked candidates and candidates that you have booked before. What happens is the requested candidates will get to see the booking before the rest of the supply staff and therefore have the opportunity to return to your school. If you don’t know how to request supply staff, check out our step-by-step guide by clicking here. Note that you have to create a booking at least eight hours in advance to have the ability to choose the option; request one or more specific candidates. 

Extend a candidate you have at your school or nursery
Work proactively and talk to the candidate who is working at your school or nursery today. Ask if the person can work the following day or days. Maybe you will get information in the afternoon if the replaced teacher will continue to be absent and you can then directly talk and book the supply staff. It is easy to extend a booking on the platform, click here for a step-to-step guide. 

Book supply staff on long term
If your booking covers more than four weeks, we recommend contacting us at Our professional recruiters are experts at matching longer assignments to qualified teachers and students.