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How to manage candidates Timesheets

Learn how to confirm and deny the timesheets for your supply staff.

  • After a candidate has worked a booking, a timesheet will be created and found on the platform.
  •  If you have added daily time reports in your notification settings, an email will automatically be sent to you when it’s time to go in and review a timesheet. This is a recommendation as you don’t need to double check timesheets unless you get an email. To manage your notification setting, click here for a guide. The email you will be looking for in the notification settings is Daily Time Report. Make sure this box is checked and save the changes. 
  • To find timesheets on the platform, click on Time Sheets in the menu at the top of the page

  • Please review the candidate’s timesheets in the list. If the timesheet is correct you approve it by clicking on the green Confirm time button under status. 

  • For further booking details you can always click go to bookings details to get more details about the booking you are reviewing. 

  • If the timesheet doesn't correspond to how the candidate has worked, you can deny the timesheet and we will take care of it. 
  • To deny a timesheet, press Deny time and fill out why it is not correct. It won't be invoiced until everything is sorted out. 

  • All timesheets are automatically approved Monday midnight the week after the booking took place.