How to book supply staff

Create a booking to find supply staff when regular teachers are absent.

  • To book supply staff, click on the green button “Book Supply Staff“ in the menu.

  • The booking form is divided into three sections: 
    • Where, When, What, How?
    • Who?
    • Other

First section - Where, When, What, How?

  • Start by filling in the first section; Where, When, What, How? 
  • Note that if you click in a box with an arrow pointing down, you will get a list of options. If you start typing in the box, options matching the word you are typing will appear.

  • Note that if you hover over the i-buttons, an explanatory text will appear. 

  • You will find preset text under the Job description text. If you check the box, the text will automatically be added to the job description box. You can check multiple preset texts. 

  • When you are finished filling out the page, tap the green next button in the lower right corner
  • If you are trying to click next and nothing happens, please scroll up the page and see if you’ve missed filling out any of the required fields. The platform will tell you if you missed filling out a box by showing a red circle around the field. 

Second section - Who?

  • If you're creating a booking for the same day you will click Humly appoints the best candidate. You will need to create your booking at least eight hours before the shift starts to have the other options available.

  • Creating a booking at least eight days in advance you are able to choose the option; request one or more specific candidates.
  • You will get a list of your liked candidates, as well as the candidates that you have booked before. Click on the candidate(s) you would like to request for the booking. You will see that the box next to the candidate will get ticked when you have requested the candidate properly. 
  • If you can’t find the candidate(s) you are looking for in the list, use the search button above the list and type in the candidate you are looking for. All candidates that match the name you typed in will appear in the list. If you still can’t find the candidate, please contact our support team,

  • If you select Collect Job Applications, this option will give you more control over your booking but also requires a little extra time from you. 
  • When selecting this option candidates will apply for the job and you choose whom you want to assign to it. After finishing creating the booking successfully, you will find the booking at the top of the dashboard under Bookings Where You Need To Assign A Supply Teacher. You will find the dashboard by clicking on the Humly icon in the menu, top left corner. 

  • After 30 minutes you will receive a reminder from us saying it’s time to assign a supply teacher. 
  • Click on the booking on the dashboard. Based on the applications, you can read about the candidates and choose which one to assign to the booking.
  • If you haven’t assigned a supply teacher within 45 minutes will Humly step in and help you choose. 

Third section - Other

  • Fill out the section other if you want, all fields on this page are optional
  • If you add the name of the replaced teacher, you will be able to see the supply staff that replaced the teacher in the future under the section; who when you request one or more specific candidates. This will allow you to get a higher continuity of supply staff at your school. 
  • Your name and phone number will automatically be selected under the contact person at the school. If you are not the person receiving the supply staff, please change contact person so the supply staff knows who to ask for when arriving at the school. 
  • If you click on your name under the text Enter or select a contact person at the school, you will get a list of options of people connected to your school. You can select multiple contact persons. 
  • If the person you are looking for doesn’t appear in the list, click on the button Add New Contact Person. Enter name and phone number, then click on the green button Add new contact person. Note that this will just add the person as a contact to the booking and will not create an account for the person in the platform.

  • If you wish that a colleague should receive information about the booking you are creating, add their phone number and they will get text messages regarding the booking when it is appointed. To select a colleague, click in the box next to the name and the box will get ticked. 
  • To add a new recipient of text message updates, click on the Add new recipient button and type in the new recipient’s phone number. 

  • When you are finished filling out the booking form, tap the green preview booking button in the lower right corner.
  • A preview of the booking you created will appear. If everything looks correct, go ahead and click on the Create A Booking button.

  • If you want to continue to edit the booking, tap Continue Editing in the lower left corner. 
  • When creating a booking successfully you will be redirected to a page for the existing booking. On this page you will find a log on the right hand side of the page, as well as the possibility to cancel or edit the booking. You will be able to re-enter this page by searching for it under Bookings in the menu.