How do I create an attractive client profile?

This page is visible to supply staff and helps to make things easier for both you and them. Updating your profile with essential information such as directions to the school and any particular approaches or procedures that you use will help to get the day off to a smoother start for everyone. Provide answers to frequently asked questions here to help your supply staff in case they need any information about the school once the job is underway. Try to sell your school and present it as a welcoming place for supply staff to work.

Example of a school profile:

School description
Welcome to Example School! We are a state secondary school in East London. Our principal is Andrew Hunt and the school employs a total of 300 teachers. The school offers a wide range of GCSEs and A Levels. We have 4000 students. Our school places a significant emphasis on science-based subjects such as biology and chemistry, and we have around 2100 students in this area. All of the students at our school have their own computer for their studies. We use Google Classroom as our Learning Management System. If you need to eat lunch at the school, you can buy lunch from the school cafeteria for £2.00 (bring cash). If you prefer to bring your own lunch, there is a staff room where you can heat and enjoy your food. There are a number of places in the local area where you can buy lunch as well.

Procedures when arriving
The school is easily accessible by public transport. Parking is also available in the local area at a cost of £1.50 per hour. Go through the main entrance and you’ll find reception on the right-hand side. Speak to one of our friendly school administrators. Let them know you have arrived and tell them which position you are there to fill. The administrators will help you with your schedule, textbooks, attendance lists and any keys that you need. Depending on who you are covering for, our administrators will show you to the right room where you can prepare for your first lesson in peace and quiet.

Handover procedures
Once you have finished the job, we ask that you write a note about the lessons for the regular teacher and leave it on their desk. Describe how things went in the various classes and how far into the lesson plan you got. Then return your schedule, textbooks, attendance list and keys to the administrators at reception. Thanks for your help!