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Give feedback to supply staff

We very much appreciate feedback for our supply staff, to help them improve as well as praising them when they are doing a great job. The result is better and more motivated supply staff for you.

  • You can either send an email to support@humly.co.uk or give feedback directly on the platform
  • To give feedback on the platform, click on bookings in the menu

  • Search for the candidate and booking you are looking for. If the filter view doesn’t appear, click Show options above the list of bookings to get a view where you can filter by date, candidates etc. 
  • A tip for a quick search is to use the four boxes at the top (History, Today´s, This month, Upcoming). 
  • Click on the booking you are looking for in the list below and you will be redirected to that specific booking. 
  • Tap the Give feedback button in the top right corner.

  • A popup will appear. Answer the following questions and press the green send feedback button in the bottom right corner when finished. 

  • Our support team will receive your feedback and take action if needed.