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Edit existing bookings

After creating a booking you can come back and edit an existing booking. This is how and what you can do.

  • To find an existing booking, click Bookings in the top menu.  

  • If the filter view doesn’t appear, click Show options above the list of bookings to get a view where you can filter by date, candidates etc. 
  • Search for the booking you are looking for by using the search filters. 
  • A tip for a quick search is to use the four boxes at the top (History, Today´s, This month, Upcoming). 
  • Note that when you click in the field with the dates a calendar will appear. 
  • Click on the booking you are looking for in the list below and you will be redirected to the details for that specific booking.
  • Tap the dark blue Edit booking-button in the top right corner.

  • You have now successfully entered the booking form where you can make the changes you wish to do. 
  • The platform will let you know which changes are possible. If you wish to change something that is not allowed in the platform, please contact support@humly.co.uk and we will assist you. 
  • Click next in the bottom right corner when you are happy with the changes you have made. 
  • On the third and last section, tap Update booking in the bottom right corner to successfully edit and update your booking.