Add a new administrator to your school or nursery

Learn how to add a new administrator to your school or nursery. The person will get login credentials to the platform and you can choose if the person should be able to create bookings or not.

  • Tap the Client profile in the menu.

  • Under Client administrators you will find a button, Add new administrator.

  • A popup page will appear, scroll down to invite a new user and fill out the required fields. 
  • Note that by adding a new administrator we will send an email to the person you are adding to the platform with login credentials. 
  • If you don’t want the new administrator to be able to create new bookings in the platform, untick the button “Is allowed to create new bookings”. 
  • Tap the green button “Add new administrator” at the bottom to save. You have now created a new administrator/user that will be able to login to the platform.